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Testimonials from some of our Summer Pack Trip Clients


Thanks for one of the greatest fishing trips I've had. I fished everywhere, Russia, U.S., Argentina, and believe me, it doesn't get any better than this.

Thad Minyard
Chairman of the Board
McCoy's Inc.
Houston, TX

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Mr. Sundeen,

I reluctantly came on this trip to please my husband.   I can't tell you how wonderfully surprised I was. The fishing was easy. Yes, even I caught lots of big fish.  The outdoor food was superb and the serenity was wonderful. I was able to fish, take some wonderful hikes, or simply relax and read a book. It simply was one of the best times I've ever had with my husband.  Thank you so much.

Patti Grant
Fort Collins, CO


Hey Buddy!  I've been on lots of horseback trips over the years and none is better than this. It's an easy three hour ride, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the time goes fast. But most of all, the fishing is what it must have been a thousand years ago. Indeed, the Greybull River basin is the Happy Valley. I reluctantly write you this letter because I don't want everyone to know about it. Yet, it does bring me joy to know that other people can share the wonders and splendor of your facilities in the heart of the mountains. I'll see you every year until I'm taking the big dirt nap in the valley upstairs.

Your buddy,
Brooks Mitchell
Professor, University of Wyoming

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I couldn't believe it. My friend Brooks Mitchell told me about this place and I thought he was exaggerating.  Clearly, he wasn't. The fishing, the accommodations and everything are simply the best that one can possibly imagine. You have a great operation here and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the time. I'll be coming back and bringing my son.

Bob Curnow
Laramie, WY


I own a ranch myself and I thought it was the most beautiful spot on earth. I now realize it is the second most beautiful spot. Your trip, your horse stock, and things are wonderful. I look forward to coming back many times over the next few years to enjoy the serenity, the fishing, and the overall experience.

Rod Holland
Fort Collins, CO

P.S.  I gained five pounds; good cooking.

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Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for the greatest experience I've ever had with my sons and my new son-in-law. The four of us could not have been more pleased with the result. The fishing was outstanding. The food was unparalleled. And the overall experience was the best I'll probably ever have with this group. I have many fond memories and pictures to brag about with my friends. Thanks you for a wonderful experience.

Bud Allison
President, WOTCO
Casper, WY

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