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Suggested Items to Bring For Your Fall Hunting Trip or Summer Pack Trip

F A L L   H U N T I N G   T R I P S

Gear should be packed in soft duffle bags.  Please try to limit your gear to 45 pounds per person.

Fall conditions in Wyoming can range from short-sleeve temperatures to downright cold.  Dressing in layers allows you to adjust for temperature changes.  Well-planned packing will add to the success and enjoyment of your hunt.  We suggest that you bring all that you need to be comfortable, but no more than necessary.
Sleeping Bag (Rated 0 degrees or lower) Light leather gloves, cold weather gloves
Good Quality cold weather, waterproof boots Cold weather jacket or coat
Shoes for around camp Wool or flannel shirts/sweaters
Cold weather cap with earflaps Plenty of wool socks and underwear
Blue jeans and a pair of wool pants Washcloths, towels, soap
Polypropylene or Thermax long johns Shaving kit, toothbrush, etc.
Rain gear (Gortex jacket) WATER BOTTLE for the duration of the trip
Frameless day pack or fanny pack Binoculars, hunting knife
Flashlight and extra batteries Aspirin, sunscreen, chapstick, with SPF protection
Licenses and Conservation Stamp Camera and plenty of film, and extra batteries
Florescent orange coat, vest and/or cap (Rifle) and two boxes of ammunition
Gators (Bow) and 2 dozen arrows, broadheads
BEAR SPRAY (Recommended)  

S U M M E R   P A C K   T R I P S

Gear should be packed in soft duffle bags.  Please try to limit your gear to 45 pounds per person.

Dressing in layers allows you to adjust for temperature changes.

Sleeping Bag (Rated 30 degrees or lower) Hiking or Riding Boots
Clothing for cool evenings and warm days Comfortable shoes for around camp
Plenty of socks Gloves and hat
Good rain suit or slicker Personal toiletries including towels
Insect repellant, aspirin, sunscreen, chapstick with SPF protection, etc. Camera, film and extra batteries
Small flashlight & batteries Day Pack or Fanny Packs
Waders or shoes that can be wet while fishing Wyoming Fishing License and Conservation Stamp
WATER BOTTLE to be used for the duration of the trip BEAR SPRAY (Recommended)
Fishing gear - fly or spinning rods that break down work well for packing. Four to six pound test line on a spinning reel works best. Lures such as Jakes, Mepps, Panther Martins, etc. and flies such as Royal Coachman, Humpies, Mosquitoes, Parachute Black Knat, Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Wulff, Stimulators and for mid-summer hoppers, etc. all work well. Clear bubbles will let you fish flies with a spinning rod.

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